The Road To Zama

The Road To Zama


Using modern technology and a tech start-up approach, a disparate and adventurous team of experts probe stops along the Tunisian landscape in search of Zama – the lost battlefield where legions of the Roman Republic defeated the mighty Hannibal and his Carthaginian-ledarmy of international warriors.


Somewhere buried in the sands of Tunisia lay the undiscovered remains of the most history-altering battle of antiquity: Zama. Had the legions of the Roman democracy, led by the popularly elected Scipio Africanus in 202 B.C.E., not defeated the mighty Hannibal of Carthage, Western Civilization as we know it may have been snuffed out. How did Scipio, the smooth-talking, Rockstar of a democrat – who
earned the moniker Africanus – win over the populace and persuade a skeptical senate to allow him to take on the most feared general in
history on his home turf? Only by retracing his steps and discovering the actual battle site of Zama will we learn this answer – one that will
almost certainly influence modern political and military strategic thinking. Many academics and adventurers alike have speculated on the location of Zama, but it remains a lost battlefield to this day. Armed with modern technology, a tech start-up mindset and returning to the fidelity of the ancient sources –Polybius and Livy – our team of experts from seemingly disparate disciplines will combine their cumulative knowledge and insight to explore four possible locations in Tunisia.

Roman Gold Plated & Iron helmet and from the same period as The Battle of Zama.
Spear head still in the soldier’s leg bone and from the same period as The Battle of Zama.

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