Ven began singing in a rock band with his high school friends at the age of 17. Just when things were sounding really good, his bandmates all flaked out and the project ended. Ven walked away from rock music and moved on with his life. Flash forward 37 years when Ven started jamming with some well-known musicians as a hobby. They tricked him into playing a live show at a major rock n roll venue at now the tender age of 54. The club was packed and Ven performed his & first-ever live performance. The next thing he knew, he was 55 and touring the world with the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Michael Schenker, Richie Ramone, Buckcherry, and Fuel and played the Super Bowl Village Show in Indianapolis, IN in 2012 for 73,000 people days before the game. The band recorded and released 4 indie albums and was on a huge roll at the end of 2019. It looked like the sky was the limit and record companies were all reaching out.

Then COVID-19 hit and all was shut down in March 2020. When 2021 rolled in, Ven began to feel that there was no sense in having to begin again in 2022 to get to where the band should have already been. The & first week of April 2021 his guitar player and co-songwriter Jason came over to his house to lay his vocal on a new demo song. Ven had dreaded all day that he was going to tell Jason that day he was walking away from the band and rock music. Right before Ven was going to tell Jason, he logged on to his email, and low and behold, there was a recording contract from a big rock n roll record company. The forces that be were not going to let this story end. In fact, it was all just beginning,

In February 2022, his debut EP with the record company was released with Ven now 67 years old. The & first commercial radio single from the EP for the band hit #2 on the Foundations Chart and #16 on the Billboard top 40!!! The band is now being booked for huge tours all through 2023 and Ven will have turned 68 right before the & first tour begins!!! It remains to be seen how big this rock band will become, although no one in the history of rock n roll has accomplished these feats at such a late age. A wonderful story of if you believe, everything is possible proves the American Dream exists and It’s Never Too Late To Rock N Roll.