Targeted by a rival gang for an atrocity he didn’t commit, retiring hitman Tommy Pink teams up with rogue FBI agent Allegra Foss to track down the real perpetrator.
Ninja assassin Tommy Pink storms the Palatial Estate, where he kills Davit. Pink then informs his boss, Johnny, that he’s done being a hitman, even after Johnny pays him $10 million in bitcoin. A rival gang puts out a hit on Pink, saying he killed Davit’s wife and daughter when he really didn’t. This gang is led by Nikki, Pink’s unfriendly peer.
Pink impersonates an FBI agent named Howard Braxton at the Palatial Estate. He weasels into the crime scene, where the wife and daughter have been skinned. Pink discusses the matter with Lead Detective Blake, and his partner, Allegra. They notice an ‘M’ carved into muscle tissue, identifying it as the work of known killer Marsyas.
Allegra and Pink go to a diner. There, Allegra believes she IDs Pink as the assassin, but just as she pulls a gun on him, a platoon of rival mercenaries storm in. Pink and Allegra escape, getting into a car chase. As he drives, Pink instructs Allegra on how to take out the pursuing mercenaries, using highly-modified guns. As she pressures him, Pink calmly admits that he is the man who killed Davit – and informs Allegra that he knows she was suspended without pay by the FBI months ago for protocol violation. Nikki almost rams into them with his car, but they escape.
Pink takes Allegra to meet Jay Smalls, Black Box criminal head. Pink tells Allegra that he’s working for Black Box, a major crime network, and that she will be murdered unless she joins. Allegra refuses, but says she wants to capture Marsyas because her brother (also FBI) died while investigating him. They dig up info on Marsyas through his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram page, learning he was a personal trainer at a gym.
Pink and Allegra speak with Brandy, one of Marsyas’ old clients. Her face has multiple surgeries, and we learn that Marsyas tried to skin her alive after she put on weight. She knows nothing about his current whereabouts, but offers them a German phone number that he forgot at her apartment. Pink, able to speak fluent German, calls the number and speaks with a woman who offers an address that she shipped plastination tools to.
Stormy weather worsening, Pink and Allegra go to the address. They break in and find a treasure trove of evidence. As Allegra takes photos, Pink realizes that Marsyas has been following him for years—skinning family members of the people Pink has whacked. Pink suspects that Johnny has been feeding Marsyas information. Marsyas bolts out while they’re distracted. Tornadoes form in the distance.
They reach an abandoned factory. Pink and Marsyas fight, with Marsyas’ immense physique winning. Marsyas is ready to skin Pink, but opts for another time. He escapes just before Allegra catches up. Pink drives them to a desolate house, a hitman’s “bug-out,” where they’re confronted by Johnny, who reveals Marsyas is being groomed to be Pink’s successor. Johnny says “moral assassins” are useless; he needs serial killers.
Marsyas pulls up to the house, but Nikki’s gang arrives at the same time. Capitalizing on Johnny’s distraction, Pink neutralizes him while Allegra takes his gun. Nikki’s thugs infiltrate the house, fended off by Pink and Allegra. The lights go out, and Marsyas emerges in a full-body, bulletproof suit and a mini-gun with a chainsaw attached.
Pink and Allegra go to escape out a window, but Nikki waits for them. He shoots and wounds Allegra before getting into a gun-grapple with Pink. As he’s about to kill Pink, Nikki is sawed in half by Marsyas. Pink catches a stun gun to the neck, knocking him out while Johnny and Marsyas amicably talk.
Pink awakens to horror. He is tied down to chair, as is Allegra, and all of the mercenaries’ bodies from earlier. Marsyas reminds Pink of their past connection—Pink whacked Marsyas’ dad 20 years ago in Pittsburgh. Allegra supports Marsyas, telling him how far he’s come and that he doesn’t have to continue being the monster he is. Marsyas is emotionally touched by Allegra’s speech; Johnny belittles him for listening, and Marsyas rips his jaw off.
Marsyas pulls in a family of three, ordering Pink to shoot them using a directional tripod (it can’t be aimed elsewhere). If he won’t, Marsyas will skin them alive. As Pink has an emotional crisis, a tornado nears the house. As the house shakes and Marsyas is about to cut into the family, Pink shoots two of them, lined directly behind one another.
Marsyas pulls off the masks to reveal that the people killed were Pink’s ex-wife, Lisa, and their child. Marsyas unties Lisa’s current husband and lets him run free. Pink loses his mind, sobbing. He frees himself from being tied, tearing the skin off his hands in the process. He attacks Marsyas just as a tornado hits the house.
The tornado carries Pink and Marsyas as they brutally fight. Pink rips Marsyas’ eye out and bites him, ripping his lip off. Marsyas is impaled by a flying 2×4. They crash back to earth, badly wounded. Pink has lost half his leg. Marsyas grabs his mini-gun/chainsaw combo and tries to shoot Pink. The gun is out, but the chainsaw fires up. As the saw cuts into Pink’s head, Marsyas’ head is blown off by Allegra.
The storm clears way for sunlight. Laying together nearly dead, Pink asks Allegra what day it is.

FUNDED – $30,000.00


YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Has the largest cluster of unexplained disappearances in THE WORLD. There’s a NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE website devoted to these cases.

Most missing reports per year of any national park. Many are found dead or alive. But too many are never found. Completely vanished.

There’s something going on in Yosemite.

Some say it’s a strange legendary creature called a Night Crawler.

Nightcrawler sightings began back in the 1990s. These strange beings are cryptids that look like pants, but are only a few feet high and are seen just wandering around. According to the experts on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Fact or Faked, faking these mysterious creatures would prove to be a difficult task. Theorists propose the odd creatures could be ghosts or aliens.

Some say it’s the curse of Chief Tenaya. His people once ruled Yosemite. Chief Tenaya’s son was killed by white settlers. Enraged, the Chief uttered a curse.

“You may kill me sir, but you shall not live in peace, I will follow in your footsteps, I will not leave my home but be with the spirits among the rocks, the waterfalls, in the rivers and in the wind; wheresoever you go I will be with you. You will not see me, but you will fear the spirit of the old chief, and grow cold.’’

Some people believe the missing persons were abducted by aliens. There are countless UFO sighting stories from Yosemite park.


A team of specialists who investigate strange and unexplained phenomena around the globe. The team consists of four members.

JAMES FARRIS – Parapsychologist / Ufologist

QUINNELLE ARCHER – Para-technology expert.

LISA WENDT – Cryptozoologist

MAXIMILLION – Magician / Physicist/ Engineer / Game Theorist / and staunch skeptic.

CARSON (BASH) BENNET – Security. Former Navy Seal.

The Parallax Project is funded by billionaire LEN RAND. Rand believes that we live in a simulation. He believes these occurrences around the world might be glitches or flaws in the simulation. He believes investigating these occurrences might one day lead to a peek behind the curtain or reality. Rand wants has big questions and wants big answers.

The Parallax Projects’ first mission is to get to the bottom of what’s going on at Yosemite.

FUNDED – $225,000.00


By Neil Garguilo

REGULAR ROOMMATES is a big, broad college comedy that examines generational differences in the college experience while exploring the similarity in our need to grow regardless of age.

The story follows WILLIAM BECKER, a 50-year-old insecure, anti-college motivational speaker, and MATEO MARQUEZ, a struggling college senior, as they become unlikely roommates in hopes that the other will help them fix their life.

While navigating the complex world of being a college student, Will teaches Mateo how to build confidence by living an “I don’t give a fuck” lifestyle while immersing themselves in the insane college party scene.

This return to college also helps Will by opening his eyes to all of the things he missed when he first attended college 30 years earlier and reshapes his very public anti-college stance.

In the end, Mateo must figure out what is actually important to help shape his future and Will has to choose between his public image or a message he believes in.

Overall, REGULAR ROOMMATES is a script that blends broad comedy and heart in a modern college setting…with a tasteful amount of male nudity and fire.

FUNDED – $225,000.00


by Jay Bonansinga


John Thomas Scofield thought he was done with all that. But, then came the call that sent a chill down the former mob enforcer’s spine. His former employer, Arthur Defranco, the head of the largest criminal empire in the Midwest, calls with an offer Scofield can’t refuse: Defranco’s idiot son recently became a Chaplain in the United States Army and managed to get himself kidnapped in war-torn Afghanistan. He orders Scofield to bring his son back, unharmed. If he fails, Scofield’s own son and ex-wife, currently being held captive by Defranco, will die. If he succeeds, Defranco will Scofield and his team $10 million so that Scofield can retire and disappear.
“I don’t give a rat’s ass how you do it,” Defranco tells the assassin.  “Money is no object. Tell me what you need, who you need, and what it will take, and it’s yours. Just bring my boy back unharmed.”
Scofield takes the assignment. Not because he thinks it’s a good idea, or because he’s confident it’s even possible. He takes it because he has no choice. And, with the resources provided by Defranco, Scofield assembles the most blood-thirsty, stone-cold group of mercenary assassins ever assembled — a “burn unit,” in the parlance of intelligence operatives — to travel under the radar to the deadliest battle zone on the planet and to do whatever it takes.
What happens when you put America’s meanest, toughest, badasses with unlimited firepower at their disposal against a primitive, but deadly ragtag group of religious zealots? Bloodshed. Lot’s of bloodshed. Not all of Scofield’s Burn Unit will make it home. In fact, most of them won’t. But they won’t go without a fight. And, it’s going to be something to behold.
From the New York Times bestselling creator of The Killer’s Game (soon to be a major motion picture), and The Walking Dead novels, BURN UNIT is an action-packed love-child of The Expendables, Taken, and The Equalizer, as it rips a two-hundred-mile-long wound though the middle of the haunted, war-torn land of Afghanistan.

FUNDED – $335,000.00


Written by the brilliant female team of Jill Bartlett and Lindsay Stidham


Four women on the verge of forty have fallen on hard luck in life, love, and sex. CHARLIE is a widow who can’t seem to move beyond her dead husband. JUNE is seven months pregnant and is devastated that her partner seems not to be attracted to her anymore. AMY, who is single and gay, desperately wants to have a child of her own, but has run out of money for fertility treatments. STACEY is a beyond horny thirty-nine-year old virgin–due to her devotion to the Mormon religion that she just quit. When our women realize they’re both depressed and have lost their sense of play, they decide to take matters into their own hands so they can turn their lives around. They make a pact to take a “Sexcation” for the sole purpose of getting “back on the horse”– in more ways than one.

FUNDED – $225,000.00



After surviving a brutal attack that left all her friends dead, Carrie Ambers returns to her high school where she is shunned by her peers and plagued with vivid, bloody visions of the masked killer. She decides the only way to get her life back is to find and kill that murderous bastard who left her cold and lonely, in this super-fun horror film that turns the slasher genre upside-down. So she plans a party with her new friends that mimics the classic slasher setup, only this time she’s ready and waiting for the killer in a setup only she knows about. Things go horribly awry when her friends start dying, but they lead to an ultimate showdown with a fun twist and sequel setup where the killer’s identity is revealed to be Carrie’s own parent. (The Slasher is revitalizing right now (Halloween, Happy Death Day) and it’s time for a new spin with a new face as horror is evergreen.)

FUNDED – $240,000.00


Robert L. Howard: The Greatest Hero America Has Never Heard Of In the vein of Heartbreak Ridge, this story will capture the hearts of all Americans and people around the world.
Told from a Green Beret- Take all of John Wayne’s films—throw in Clint Eastwood’s, too—and these fictions could not measure up to the real Bob Howard. Officially he was awarded eight Purple Hearts, but he actually was wounded 14 times. Six of the wounds, he decided, weren’t severe enough to be worthy of the award. Keep in mind that for each time he was wounded, there probably were ten times that he was nearly wounded, and you get some idea of his combat service. He was right up there with America’s greatest heroes—Davy Crockett, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, the inspiring example we other Green Berets tried to live up to. “What would Bob Howard do?” many of us asked ourselves when surrounded and outnumbered, just a handful of men to fight off hordes of North Vietnamese. After his eighth Purple Heart he told his Captain “No more please!”.
To call him a legend is no exaggeration. Take the time he was in a chow line at an American base and a Vietnamese terrorist on a motorbike tossed a hand grenade at them. While others leaped for cover, Howard snatched an M-16 from a petrified security guard, dropped to one knee and expertly shot the driver, and then chased the passenger a half-mile and killed him, too.
Howard laid the framework for every Call of Duty campaign. Infiltrating a Vietcong base, Howard’s 40-man squad was ambushed by guerrillas holding American POWs. Under nonstop enemy fire, Howard ordered his own air support to drop missiles on their position. Bleeding from his hands and eyes, and unable to walk, Howard gathered the only six men he had left. “You’re going to fight, or die.” His ammo napalmed, Howard snagged a Colt .45 and whacked an enemy wielding a flamethrower. He Hail Mary’d a grenade into a machine gunner’s outpost, giving reinforcements time to arrive and freeing the POWs. If not for Howard, the war genre might not exist as we know it.
After years of running from childhood bullies his grandma, finally reaching her breaking point, delivered an ultimatum: “Boy, don’t you run from anything again.” The next day, Howard returned to school and threw a punch at the bullies. Then another. Regaining control of his power, his life had forever changed. He no longer feared danger; he was the danger.
Howard pioneered dozens of missions as a sergeant-turned-lieutenant in the MACV-SOG, accumulating five tours of Vietnam. A natural leader, Howard’s brilliance was equal parts physical and cerebral. He snuck across enemy lines at night to free POWs. He disabled enemy choppers in one shot. He dragged men to safety amid gunfire and shrapnel. Much like the bullies of his youth, Howard made life hell for the Vietcong. He responded the only way he knew how.
Robert L. Howard retired as Colonel following 36 years of service, the most decorated active-duty soldier ever. Yet, his Medal of Honor ceremony was not televised, and the Associated Press mustered only 10 lines on his heroics. In the face of his legend, the average U.S. citizen has no idea Howard existed. How can a man with so much documented sacrifice for his country not be a household name?  He was a war hero at a time when Americans didn’t believe in either the war or its heroes. This will change now. This is not a movie about war. This is a movie about the man, his love for his country and then combat. He has done far more for the United States of America than anybody who makes headlines today. It is up to us to right history’s wrong and properly honor his legacy with a movie in the vein of Hacksaw Ridge.


List of awards (These are just some of his awards):

  • Medal of Honor
  • Distinguished Service Cross (with one oak leaf cluster)
  • Silver Star
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Legion of Merit (with three oak leaf clusters)
  • Bronze Star (with three oak leaf clusters and “V” device)
  • Purple Heart (with a silver and two bronze oak leaf clusters)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (with two oak leaf clusters)
  • Air Medal (with “V” Device and numeral 3. One award for heroism and two for aerial achievement)
  • Joint Service Commendation
  • Army Commendation Medal (with “V” device and one each silver and bronze oak leaf clusters. 4 awards for valor and 3 for achievement)
  • Joint Service Achievement
  • Army Achievement
  • Good Conduct Medal, 4 Good Conduct Loops (4 awards)
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • NCO Professional Development Ribbon with 2 device
  • Army Overseas Ribbon
  • Army Service Ribbon
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, w/3 Service stars (3 awards)
  • Army Presidential Unit Citation, 1st Oak Leaf Cluster
  •   Presidential Unit Citation (United States) 2001, Studies and Observations Group
  • Navy Unit Commendation
  • Army Meritorious Unit Citation
  • Foreign decorations
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60 device
  • Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold Star (Corps citation)
  • Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star (Division citation)
  • Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Bronze Star (Regiment or Brigade citation)
  • Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal 2nd Award
  • Vietnam Wound Medal
  • Vietnam Civil Actions Medal 2nd Award
  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation with Palm, 1st Oak Leaf Cluster (Unit citation)
  • Republic of Korea Order of National Security Merit (Samil Medal)
  • Badges, qualifications and tabs
  • Ranger Tab
  • Special Forces Tab
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • Aircrew Badge
  • Master Parachutist Badge
  • Pathfinder Badge
  • Air Assault Badge
  • Expert Infantryman’s Badge
  • Vietnamese Ranger Badge
  • Vietnamese Master Parachute Badge
  • Thai Master Parachute Wings
  • Korean Master Parachute Badge
  • Thai Balloonist Badge
  • French Parachutist Badge

FUNDED – $200,000.00


The deadliest hit man in the world is a raging alcoholic. He is at his deadliest when he is staggering drunk and totally fearless! When he decides to check in to a celebrity rehab center to get his life together a team of hit men come gunning. Now clean and sober but half the hit man he used to be he must fend off a team of deadly assassins before they kill him and a pack of the most pampered drunks and junkies in the world.

LUCKY LaSEAN is one of the world’s most feared and deadly assassins. He is also a chronic alcoholic. He is at his deadliest when he is staggering drunk. We see him on mission taking out an entire cartel of meth dealers single-handedly. He guns them down with pinpoint accuracy while being virtually un-hittable due to his lurching and staggering style of gunplay. It’s much like Shaolin “drunken boxing” only with guns.  After the battle he collapses in pain! Was he shot? No! He is diagnosed with severe cirrhosis of the liver and warned that if he drinks anymore he will die within a week. To make matters worse, his wife and beloved daughter, whom he loves more than life won’t have anything to do with him until he sobers up.

Lucky decides to go to rehab and clean up. There he meets a famed pop star ANASTASIA a young rapper in her twenties. Lucky and ANASTASIA bond instantly as Lucky has no idea who she is and wants nothing from her. For Lucky, Anastasia is like a surrogate daughter and he the cool father figure she wished she had. They both clean up and Lucky becomes Anastasia’s sponsor. They help to keep each other clean. That is until a contract is put on Anastasia’s life and Lucky is given the contract.
Lucky opts to play the roll of protector instead. He must protect her from the psychopathic, vegan, health nut, known as DEPTFORD! He is an assassin as deadly if not more deadly than Lucky. Unfortunately Lucky is half the killer he was now, clean and sober. On top of that he finds himself bonding once again with his real daughter. Will lucky go back to the bottle and risk it all to save Anastasia or will he stay sober and reconnect with his family? You know the answer! He and Anastasia GET LIT and lead Deptford and his HIT SQUAD to a hipster CRAFT BREWERY for the final showdown! With an unlimited supply of intoxicants spaying all over, Lucky become drunker and more deadly than ever before. RIVERS OF BLOOD AND BEER flow as The Drunken Gun makes his last stand.
After the battle Anastasia pays for Lucky to have a LIVER TRANSPLANT. Lucky receives a fresh healthy liver courtesy of freshly deceased Deptford. Now with a fresh liver Lucky can continue his drunken, gunfighting ways — at least as long as this new liver lasts.

FUNDED – $200,000.00


In a world overcome by giant, alien monsters, a boy befriends an outcast of their kind.

From the creator of MONSTERPOCALYPSE and the highly successful role-playing game IRON KINGDOM, Matt Wilson, and the director of KUNG FU PANDA, John Stevenson, comes a new animated adventure. Matt’s previous IP MONSTERPOCALYPSE is set up at Warner Bros. with Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe, The Girl in the Spider’s Web) directing. Script by Matt Wilson.

FUNDED – $325,000.00


The biopic “Hedy,” a full-length motion picture about the life of Hollywood icon and inventor Hedy Lamarr. As a Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Austria and already a celebrity on account of her nude appearance as a teenager in the steamy German film “Ecstasy,” Hedy Kiesler (with her new stage name “Lamarr”) was signed by Louis B. Mayer. Heralded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Lamarr pursued inventing after long days on the set. Her contributions led to a discovery that was to change the course of history and ultimately become the basis for Bluetooth and wifi.

FUNDED – $200,000.00


THE ADVENTURES OF DR. DONUT would be a broad IP for children and tweenies which possess the potential for sequels as well as a broad multimedia platform launch. The idea would be expanded to create a hybrid of the classic JUDY BLUME novels and the ever-popular CALVIN AND HOBBES series. This will create an IP that can work as films, television series, books, graphic novels and in other digital formats.
The first script will follow a young girl (AVA – 8 years old) as she and her friends face the excitements and challenges of being a kid today. She sees the pressures of social media, bullying, puberty, crushes, divorce, fitting in, growing up, expectations, and everything else kids deal with. In the vein of CALVIN AND HOBBES, she turns to her stuffed animal Dr. Donut to help her understand and process the reality of growing up. We enter a fantasy world where Dr. Donut comes to life, and he and Ava go on a series of adventures. Bullies become monsters, they embark on quests, and real-life issues are tackled in a fun, inventive and accessible way that is entertaining for both kids and adults.
This format allows us to address real issues while keeping the film fun, exciting and engaging. The idea would be to launch a multi-media campaign beginning with the pilot film. This becomes a very easy genre to cross-promote on all the relevant platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
Now is a fantastic time to create this type of material – especially one which has the potential for sequels and spin-offs into other forms of media.

FUNDED $475,000.00


An über driver (think Wil Farrell) accidentally causes the injury of a passenger’s emotional support peacock. Feeling responsible, he agrees to drive him around until a replacement arrives. The problem is the passenger has an out of state work conference he must attend and pressures the driver to take him. The mismatched pair end up a road trip together with constant conflict between the two. In the end, they come to understand each other’s perspective. A modern day PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES for millennials.

FUNDED $225,000.00


Bobby, a chubby kid in his early 20’s (Jonah Hill), steps up to the roulette table in a crowded Las Vegas casino and slaps a million Dollar chip on 27 RED.

The whole room is in shock! The roulette spins as whispers spread through the crowd igniting a frenzy of looky loos. The sexiest blonde on earth slips in and snuggles up next to Bobby. She gives him an adoring smile. He winks back at her.

The roulette starts slowing down. The entire crowd is holding their breath. The casino manager and entire staff are watching. The roulette stops. The ball settles on… 27 RED!!!!!!

The whole room erupts in cheers. The sexy blonde whispers into Bobby’s ear: I want to go up to your room now. Bobby gestures to the dealer to take care of his money for him.

Bobby is making passionate love to the sexy blonde. Any of us can only dream of having her. She gets on top and begins riding him.

We see Bobby’s POV of her bouncing up and down on him. She starts yelling his name: Bobby! Bobby! Bobby! He’s about to climax. She rides him harder. He’s climaxing and she screams his name really loud…

Bobby wakes up from his dream as he is ejaculating and sees his mom hovering above him screaming his name, trying to wake him up. He cringes in disgust. Worst climax ever!

His mom tells him they’re late for his grandma’s funeral. He turns to his side to see his digital clock displaying 8:27 in red. The digit 8 flickers a couple of times then goes out. All that’s left on display is 27 RED!!! Bobby wonders.

Bobby opens the fridge, pulls out the orange juice carton and starts drinking from it. He closes the fridge door and in front of him is the magnetic calendar with today’s date, the 27th, highlighted in red with a note next to it saying: Grandma’s funeral. Another 27 RED!!! Bobby’s eyes go wide.

As bobby showers, gets dressed and ready for the funeral, we can tell he is the idiot of the family. The least liked and the least respected.

He arrives to the church where the funeral is taking place, the address is 27 Miracle lane. Theplastic numerical digits glued above the door are in red. More red 27s.

After the funeral and burial where Bobby had been picked on and made fun of the whole time, the extended family is ushered into a private hall where the Grandmother’s attorney is to convey her will.

Everyone waits with bated breath. The lawyer declares that all of the grandmother’s assets have been liquidated into a lump sum of one million dollars, and she bequeaths it to Bobby! The attorney hands him a bearer’s bond for One Million Dollars.

The whole extended family goes into turmoil, chaos ensues! Grandma’s cruelty is not lost on this crowd. You can almost hear her laughing from beyond the grave. “How can she leave this money to the family idiot?” everyone wonders. Bobby’s dad ends the non-sense and orders
Bobby to put the bearer’s bond in the safe over the weekend, and on Monday they will both go to an investment banker and have him handle it. AND THAT’S THAT!

Humiliated, Bobby decides to prove them all wrong. He won’t mismanage the money. Actually, he’s going to turn the one million into 35 million over night. He looks at his watch, he still has time to make it to Vegas before the day is over.

Bobby hops in his car, picks up three of his misfit friends and heads out to Vegas. They rush into the casino, Bobby heads to the nearest cashier and exchanges the bearer’s bond for a million dollar chip.

They run to the high rollers Roulette area and Bobby slaps the Million-dollar chip on red 27.

The whole room is in shock! The roulette spins as whispers spread through the crowd igniting a frenzy of looky loos. The sexy blonde from his dream slips in and snuggles up next to Bobby.She gives him an adoring smile. He winks back at her. Everything is happening the way it was meant to. Bobby has the biggest smile ever.

The roulette starts slowing down. The entire crowd is holding their breath. The casino manager and entire staff are watching. The roulette stops. The ball settles on… 13 BLACK

Bobby starts going crazy! He wants his money back. He creates a ruckus.

He’s thrown in the back alley on his ass. Now a chubby idiot, a pot head, a bi polar schizophrenic and a flaming gay boy have the weekend in Vegas to make a million dollars back, or Bobby’s dad will kill him.

FUNDED $225,000.00