The Bridge Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our multi International Award winning Documentary feature film ‘Still Suffering.

The film is an in-depth look at the hardships COVID-19 restrictions caused countless Americans. The story of millions told by a handful. We were blessed to obtain an exclusive interview with THE first responder Dr. Ryan Azcueta.

Dr. Azcueta is the Deputy Director of the private USA medical company AMI, which is based worldwide, and their head of infectious diseases. He was part of the medical team assigned to the Ebola crises and headed up the first responding team of 40 nurses dispatched to the USA’s first major outbreak of COVID-19 at the 120-bed facility in Kirkland, Washington in March 2020.


The Bridge Entertainment is proud to announce signing with Safier Entertainment to represent our documentary films. Safier Entertainment performs both the traditional agent sell to televison services, and owns a major distribution company which has direct deals with Theaters to dozens of major streaming platforms such as Comcast, TimeWarner, Spectrum, Adelphia, Xfinity, Amazon, Tubi, Hoopla, PLEX and FlixFling.

The Bridge Entertainment, LLC are excited to announce recently forming  ‘The Bridge Entertainment Film Partners, LP’ on May 16th, 2022. 
This will allow our many current investors, and new investors alike, to participate in lucrative profit sharing with the new film fund. Safier Entertainment will handle all direct sales to Television streaming stations, as well as major distribution of each and every one of our films, like we currently have with our recently released multi international award winning feature documentary ‘Still Suffering’.